Pacific Coach and the Million Mile Club

Million Mile Club™ Safe Driver Awards Program

Is an Association who is dedicated to the safe operation and maintenance of the transportation industry, they believe that it is of great importance to recognize those professional drivers who have preserved flawless records throughout their careers.

Safe Driver Awards Program

CAFS’s(Canadian Association of Fleet Supervisors) Million Mile Club™ is an exclusive group of transportation professionals that exemplify road safety excellence. Each year in October, CAFS holds a special Safe Driver Awards Night to honor those elite drivers who have driven one million miles, or twenty years, of steady, (preventable) accident free commercial driving.

Along with a complimentary dinner at the Award’s evening, and induction into CAFS’s exclusive Million Mile Club™, the recipients each receive a Melton Leather Jacket in honor of their accomplishments. Each jacket is embroidered with the recipient’s name, the date of induction into the Million Mile Club™, and will also include the names of each of the sponsoring companies.

What is a Million Miles?

Travel around the Earth’s equator 40 times
Travel to the moon (& back) just over 4 times
Abbotsford to Vancouver (& back) 12,500 times

Most of us as casual drivers, who commute daily back and forth, and in addition, take an annual vacation and travel long weekends, put on an average of 15,000 kms or 9,320 miles per year. At that rate it would take the average Canadian approximately 107 years to attain one million miles. Assuming the average driver gets their license at age 16, you would be 123 years old when achieving this accomplishment.

And remember...that is under the premise that you have no accidents! Collectively the MMC™ members have accumulated over 500 million miles, which is equivalent to going to the sun and back twice, and then returning to the sun! Congratulation to all our past inductees!

Pacific Coach drivers are listed below in the year in which they were inducted:

Peter Haima
Larry Holcroft
Gene Peters

Noel Chapotelle
Glen Dahl
Hendrik VanBroek

Terry Prescott
Phil Waters
Brian Wylie

Conrad Smylie
Neil Tranter

Charles J Cundy
Deane Harold
William S. Mallett
David F. Ulrich

Angus Cowper
Ernie Fast
Billy R. Gossen
James Sinclair

Ralph Davis
Ben Friesen
Ron Matthews
Cliff Stephenson

Ronald Lamb
Clarence Reid
L.J. (Jack) Wilson

John Arden
Jacob Dirksen
Robert Stark

Vic Garside
Robert Preston
Joe Simpson
Stu Skinner

Clarence Stobbe

Kaare R. Roed
Donald J. Wakelin